The SIMA Member Marketing Kit contains materials and guidelines on how to promote your SIMA membership when putting together your own advertising pieces and marketing program, including:


  • SIMA logo files
  • 'Partners in Success: A Guide to Insuring Commercial Snow Removal’ brochure
  • '5 Tips for Buying Snow Management Service' brochure
  • SIMA Site Engineering Sell Sheet
  • Best Practices in Snow Service Procurement: 52-week Timeline

We encourage you to use your SIMA membership in communications and marketing; please email with any questions on how to market your membership. 


Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
March 01, 2017
SIMA logo files

Use the SIMA member logo or shield to promote your membership on your email signature file, company website, proposals, business cards and more. If you need SIMA logo files other than what is available in the marketing kit, please email 


Consumer tips brochure

SIMA's Consumer Tips brochure is great marketing tool available to active members. It contains a road map of how to find a reliable service provider, and outlines how snow companies are really risk managers. Share with your current or potential clients to show you are a true professional.


Insurance brochure

SIMA's insurance brochure ‘Partners in Success: A Guide to Insuring Commercial Snow Removal’ provides insurance stakeholders with criteria to evaluate snow and ice management companies for insurance, and shares tips on how to get better research, expertise, and information regarding the industry. It also contains comprehensive information related to the Certified Snow Professional and Advanced Snow Management programs. Share this with any current insurance stakeholders you are currently working with.


Site engineering sell sheet

The Site Engineering Sell Sheet is for members to access and print at a local printer. This marketing piece visualizes the critical importance of site engineering in a way that is easy to understand for prospective and current customers, and it naturally highlights the core difference between a professional and fly-by-night operation. The information was pulled from SIMA’s extensive body of knowledge and then further reviewed by both the Best Practices and Education Committees.


Snow service procurement timeline

This 52 week visual timeline was created to help facilities and property managers, snow service providers, and snow industry suppliers align on a general schedule to streamline the RFP and contract negotiation process to ensure sites are ready before winter begins.


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