This is a basic wellness and safety training program for any individual working for a snow management crew or operation. It is free to any SIMA member employees who have created a free account with SIMA tied to their employers membership account. The course includes the following chapters, each between 10-15 minutes in length:


  1. Hydration & Nutrition
  2. Sleep management and deprivation
  3. Stress and Family
  4. Personal Protective Equipment & Basic Equipment Safety
  5. Snow Shoveling Basics
  6. Walking Safely on snow & Ice

Snow Safety Boot Camp is designed to be a quick walk through of core safety items for all employees working in winter weather. Employees can submit credit at the end of the course to document they went through it, and can even print off a simple certificate of completion.


This course is available exclusively to SIMA members as part of membership value.


Continuing Education: This course is worth 3 Certified Snow Professional (CSP) continuing education credits.


Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
October 01, 2016
Welcome to Snow Safety Boot Camp

This quick video will welcome the trainee to Boot Camp, review the course curriculum, and coach on credit submissions.

Hydration and Nutrition

Learning the basics of nutrition and staying hydrated can avoid accidents and make winter work less risky for all involved.

Sleep Management and Deprivation

Sleep deprivation can cause long term health concerns and creates significant risk during winter operations. This chapter covers the basics of recognizing sleep deprivation and managing sleep.

Managing Winter Stress and Family

Fatigue, long hours, and disrupted schedules can cause a great deal of stress for an individual in the snow industry. This chapter provides some thoughts on dealing with mental health, stress and family.

Equipment Safety Basics

Proper equipment safety basics is an essential part of the snow management operations. This chapter gives a core breakdown of Personal Protective Equipment, daily equipment circle checks, and basics of backing  up properly.

Snow Shoveling Basics

This chapter provides a simple set of tips for reducing the potential for injury and increasing the efficiency of shoveling snow.

Walking Safely on Snow and Ice

As funny as it seems, just walking on snow and ice poses a serious health risk for snow professionals. This chapter gives a few tips on how to walk as safely as possible in winter conditions.

Sneak Peak: Advanced Snow Management training

Get a quick look at the Advanced Snow Management training program, to see if it might be a good fit for you and your snow career!

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Total Educational Hours: 3.00
This seminar is presented free of charge.