The key to getting good PR is being proactive and having a plan, and making sure that your messages tie into things that are of interest to your community.


SIMA members can now access as part of their membership a comprehensive PR Toolkit that includes:


  • Templates for press releases, articles, letters to the editor, and more.
  • Tips and help in reaching out to local and regional media
  • Ideas on marketing your SIMA membership to your community


This item also includes an updated set of PR messages from SIMA regarding the association and the industry at large.


The PR Toolkit is free to SIMA members, simply login then add to your basket. Check out (no charge) to add this to your Training Center Account.

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
February 06, 2013
Seminar Objectives
  • Help SIMA members promote themselves locally/regionally
  • Provide some template PR examples for members to use
  • Grow awareness about professional snow and ice management
SIMA Member Public Relations Toolkit
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This seminar is presented free of charge.