This tool can be used by anyone who is seeking to hire snow & ice management services, and by snow removal contractors themselves, to asses the various attributes that make up a professional, quality snow management operation. It is also valuable for insurance agents and underwriters when documenting the level of professionalism/sophistication of a snow removal company.


The checklist provides an easy-to-use checkbox format, one page in length, focusing on these 8 core areas:


  • Safety, liability, and risk management
  • Estimating, planning, and cost effectiveness
  • Execution and responsiveness
  • Quality of service
  • Communication, documentation, and verification
  • Certification/standards of education
  • Expertise and professionalism


This checklist is free to all Snow & Ice Professionals, simply login or create an account and add to your basket. Check out (no charge) to add this to your Resource 24/7 Account.


Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
November 01, 2012
Seminar Objectives
  • Assess any snow operation/business in 8 core areas for quality, safety, and reliability
Best Practices Checklist for Snow & Ice Management
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